IoT Systems Management
for Smart City, Smart Building
& Industry 4.0

Secure and integrated solution
Open and customizable platform
Scalable plug-n-play architecture

Busit Smart Solutions
Smart City / Building
Smart Industry
Smart Nursing

Discover the innovative IoT platform dedicated to Smart City, Smart Building and Industry 4.0

Business-Oriented Smart Solutions for IoT Control, Big Data and Analytics

Out of the box

Over 150 applications and solutions ready to use for Smart Building, City & Industry 4.0.

Plug & Play

Simple and fast integration of your IoT services and your information system to accelerate your digital transformation.


A completely modular architecture allowing you to gradually enhance your connected infrastructures.

Busit® allows for fast and efficient handling of all your connected things, devices and services, regardless of the brand, manufacturer or communication protocol.
With Busit, you can easily and securely connect all these equipments and applications, control the interactions thanks to its ruling engine and take your decisions using reporting and mapping tools.
Busit helps you to quickly setup a multitude of services, operational scenarios and analysis of large amounts of information.

Busit Smart Solutions

Sector-specific solutions resulting from a close collaboration with the major players of the Internet of Things, including connected equipment and software.

Busit helps you to...