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Examples of achievements and customer references

Use case: some operational applications of our software solutions for governance and energy management for Smart City, Smart Building and industry

Smart City / Building / Agriculture - Packaged telecom operator solutions

Infrastructure for management of 400 000 LoRaWan IoT nationwide in Serbia

Implementation of an IoT management infrastructure for 400,000 devices over 5 years in partnership with Actility – responsible for LoRaWan data transport – and Teri Engineering, a regional digital services company for project management, integration and maintenance.
Telekom Srbija will rely on Busit Application Enablement Platform, interacting with Actility’s Thingpark solution, to realize business solutions that can monitor, optimize and secure urban management, building, transportation and infrastructure. agriculture across the country.

Environment: Busit AEP, LoRaWan IoT, Actility ThingPark
Smart Building - Supervision of works for a museum

Monitoring of the rooms of the castle with collection of RFID IoT sensors data

Supervision of rooms during their renovation to avoid deterioration of furniture and works of art. Archiving all information collected, events and incidents for several years for legal and insurance purposes.

Real-time control of temperature, hygrometry and vibration changes. Continuous analysis curves, alerts, daily reports, archiving and stream historization.

Environment: Busit AEP, RFID IoT, Ela Innovation
Industry 4.0 - Factory energy and production optimizations for a large group (Industry)

Energy efficiency and optimization of industrial production by correlating PLC and IoT flows

Improvement of energy efficiency and factory production by correlating the frames of existing PLCs with environmental and energy data collected by an average of 30 new IoT sensors: natural gas, LPG, electric meters, on de-icing valve, temperature, humidity, weather station, etc. Pilot project then generalization on all sites in France with Europe in final target.

Advanced analysis of harvested data, web and smartphone management applications, production of energy performance indicators, reports, transmission of Smart Data to business applications.

Environment: Busit AEP, Wago datalogger, IoT, MQTT, Microsoft Azure
Smart Building - Detection of fugues in a nursing home

Movement monitoring of patients by RFID IoT indoor location

Real-time monitoring of the movements of at-risk residents in the institution’s public access areas (indoor location) to prevent runaways.

Crossing detection in the demarcated areas, phone and email alerts to operating personnel.

Environment: Busit AEP, RFID IoT, Ineo Sense
Industry 4.0 - Mobility monitoring pilot project for a large group (Transport)

Monitoring old train sets by adding and managing RFID IoT sensors

Monitoring of old trains to which temperature, hygrometry, movement and opening sensors have been added to optimize maintenance.

3-year experimentation project to validate the hardware exploitation tools.

Real-time control of RFID sensors for measuring temperature, hygrometry, vibration of components, production of dashboard applications and incident alerts.

Environnement: Busit AEP, RFID IoT, Ela innovation
Smart City - Public lighting management for a large group (Construction)

Smart Lighting for energy efficiency and preventive maintenance of public lighting from LoRaWAN IoT sensors

In order to improve the efficiency of maintenance teams tours, remote monitoring and control of urban lighting with extended features: light variation according to events, metering, dashboards by neighborhood, financial analysis, automation of sensors deployment, etc.

Telemetry in electrical cabinets, incident detection, processing, advanced analysis, logging, KPI production, preventive maintenance, dashboards, notifications and transmission of Smart Data to asset management.

Environment: Busit AEP, LoRaWAN IoT, Ineo Sense
Smart City / Logistics - Freight compliance management for a large group (Waste Management)

Compliance analysis of waste transportation (Smart Garbage)

Field solution for collecting information on the delivery of waste in trucks, identification of vehicles and indication of conformity to comply with standards and regulations relating to the movement of goods.

Integration of the final validation process for all operation and synchronization statuses in the CRM.

Environment : Busit AEP, Salesforce
Smart City - Energy efficiency of construction sites for a large group (Construction)

Energy efficiency and resource management of construction sites based on LoRaWAN IoT sensors

Optimization of the energy performance of construction sites based on the measurement of general consumption of resources of the entire construction site (water, gas, electricity, fuels, etc.) and main equipment by electrical measurement on the power cabinets.

Harvesting and correlation of this information, calculation of energy indicators, management of alert processes and provision of dashboards in applications.

Environnement: Busit AEP, LoRaWAN IoT, Multitech, NKE, Ineo Sense
Smart Building - Supervision of meeting rooms for a large group (Construction)

Optimization of spaces in professional buildings using LoRaWAN presence IoT sensors

Rationalization of collaborative work spaces and in particular the actual occupancy of meeting rooms: correlation of meeting room occupancy information via presence sensors with Exchange bookings. Notifications, calendar update, occupancy statistics, dashboards and room cartography.

Environment: Busit AEP, LoRaWAN IoT, Multitech, Elsys, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook
Industry 4.0 - Hardware monitoring for a manufacturer

Hardware Monitoring

Network Attached Storage (NAS) remote monitoring: SMS alert management, Android / IOS notifications, and mail on server failure indication.

Environment: Busit AEP, NAS
Management of appointments and events of B2B customers for an operator

Notifications of client appointments

Automation of SMS notification processes of appointments and events in the diaries of customers, members and patients.

Environment: Busit AEP, Outlook, SMS Factor
Smart Building / Smart Home - Integration of new Smart Home / Building equipment and services for a telecom operator

Enrichment of the box operator functionalities for the management of connected things

Integration into the box operator of new interoperability features, control of additional Smart Building/Home equipment and access to social networks.

Environment: Busit AEP, Telecom Box, IoT