Smart building

  • Intelligent, automated power management
  • Remote power consumption monitoring
  • Power analysis forecasting
  • Building energy-sharing
  • Building technical alerts
  • Service calls
  • Fire alarms
  • Robbery alerts
  • Access control
  • Supply management

Industry / Building

  • Lone workers protection
  • Monitoring of production chains
  • Construction site monitoring
  • Supervision of assets
  • Building technical alerts
  • Activation of chained alarms
  • Alerts about staff geolocation
  • Management of evacuation processes
  • Confinment organization
  • Supply management
  • Emergency calls


  • Real-time coordination of production activities
  • Humidity and temperature measures
  • Detection of shocks and movements
  • Indoor and outdoor geolocation of goods
  • Coordination of activities
  • Monitoring of transit points
  • Supervision monitoring
  • Stock management


  • Alarms management
  • Fire and robbery alerts
  • Remote monitoring solutions
  • Night and equipment supervision
  • Assistance of security teams
  • Emergency management
  • Identity vigilance
  • Access control
  • Management of connected locks, biometrics
  • Geolocation

Exhibitions / Events planning

  • Social Wall
  • Lights management
  • People detection and localization
  • Automatic dispatching catalogs, manuals, guides
  • Communication to visitors, links to Open Educational Resources
  • Path analysis, recording and reservation management
  • Access control
  • Monitoring of visitors journey
  • Sharing of user experience

Health / Hospital

  • Triggering and analysis of health information
  • Triggering and analysis of physical activity
  • Management of patient calls
  • Management of disoriented people
  • Remote management of patients
  • Falls detection
  • Team Management
  • Building technical alerts
  • Staff microlocalization
  • Service calls

Customer experience

  • Cross média / 360° strategy
  • Social Wall
  • Consumption measurements
  • Usual behavior analysis
  • Tracking of consumer habits
  • Triggering of activity information
  • Detection of customer profile
  • Monitoring of the customer journey
  • M couponing
  • User experience sharing
  • Predictive analytics
  • Customer relationship management
  • Customer experience measurement
  • Outdoor and indoor geolocation


  • Image Transfer
  • Micrometeorology
  • Fertilizer diffusion
  • Watering regulation
  • Nutrient measurement
  • Drone flight control
  • Geolocation of equipments, goods and people
  • Supply management
  • Building technical alerts
  • Activation of chained alarms
  • Summary reports
  • Access control for equipments and people

Examples of realization

Monitoring of the museum halls during their renovation: real-time monitoring of RFID temperature, humidity, vibration sensors, realization of dashboards and alerting on exceeding thresholds, data archiving and historization.
Unser-maintenance carts monitoring: real-time monitoring of temperature, humidity, vibration RFID sensors, realization of dashboards and alerting on exceeding thresholds.
  • Evening entertainment event: implementation of a Social Wall by interacting connected objects (lamps, printing photos in real time) and social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).
  • Street marketing operation: management of photos catching, QR codes and Instagram.
  • Digital communication: management of a contest based on questions / answers via Twitter at the launch of a new consumer product.
Integration of interoperability and control features for new devices to a homebox commercialized by a telecom operator.
Remote monitoring of the NAS (Network Attached Storage) server: SMS alerting, notifications on Android / IOS and/or by mail on detection of a server failure.