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Busit Smart Worksite

Smart Worksite

Solution for worksite supervision

Busit Smart Worksite solution monitors and controls a large number of sources and assets in real time – including equipment, sensors, machines and IT applications – and provides the performance indicators (KPIs: Key Performance Indicators and EPIs: Energy Performance Indicators) in the form of web and smartphone applications needed to monitor your worksites.

The information collected is filtered, enriched, aggregated, correlated and then made available to operators and decision makers.

Busit Smart Worksite facilitates global and site-specific supervision of consumption and environmental impacts to guide you in improving your performance and optimizing your costs.

Web and mobile applications for visualization and action

Publication for operational staff and decision-makers of useful information, mapping or high-level indicators, results of real-time and retroactive analysis of flows (stream & deep analysis).

Busit Smart Worksite - solution de supervision de chantiers

Web and Smartphone applications for…

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Operational staff: global and building-based supervision

Image illustrant la supervision de chantiers

Decision-makers: high-level management with financial indicators

Busit Smart Worksite : solution de supervision de chantiers

End and external users: users, workers, operators

Ecran vue globale Busit Smart Worksite - solution de supervision de chantiers

A configuration and applications dedicated to the Smart Worksite

Measurement of energy consumption, environmental parameters, equipment status monitoring, global and site supervision, real time and retroactive analysis.

Management of consumption monitoring and work tracking processes

Preconfigured business process management scenarios addressed to the functionals, making it possible to articulate data treatment, equipment control, notifications by voice, SMS or email.

Busit Smart Worksite - ecran énergie
Ecran Busit Smart Worksite - Gestion des équipements

The right tools for successful Smart Worksite project and deployment

Ergonomic interfaces exploitable by operationals and deployment automation, one of the success keys for this type of project, can quickly move from pilot to large-scale generalization.

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