All the innovations of the Internet Industrial Objects (IIOT) associated in a single solution.

Global solution

All Smart Industry IIOT technologies combined in one solution.

Speed and efficiency

An implementation in Agile mode facilitating the digital transformation and the exchanges between the operational and the systems.

Flexibility & scalability

The Plug & Play technology simplifies adding new sensors and additional treatments.

Busit - IoT, M2M, applications, Cloud services management and interoperability


Efficiency, sustainability and cost control
With Busit Smart Industry, you control all the variables (temperature, humidity, consumption, resource location ...) to optimize the use of your industrial equipment and processes.
The large amount of information collected from the sensors is transformed into Smart Data, shared in real time with your information system and its analysis allows to gradually adjust the production cycle.
Based on the management of equipment based, Busit Smart Industry is therefore a vector of performance improvement, bringing to the market faster products, reduced costs and maintenance.
Busit - IoT, M2M, applications, Cloud services management and interoperability

Logistics & transportation

Optimization of flows, timing, traceability and safety
Busit Smart Industry collects and analyzes large quantities of data sent by fleets, pallets (indoor and outdoor location, plate recognition, vehicle body control, etc.) and a wide range of environmental sensors (temperature, vibration, smoke, fire ...).
This global solution ensures efficient management of the flows of goods, people and information and makes available to carriers, charterers and shippers decision-making tools for fleet management and optimized load capacity.
By creating bridges between the various transport services and businesses, Busit Smart Industry improves inter-functional exchanges, collaborative decision-making and is a step ahead of competitors in the sector.

Control functions for industry

Management of automata, fluid, electrical, gas metering, room temperature, air quality, hygrometry, indoor location, noise measurement, QR-code reading.

Control functions for logistics and transport

Fleet management, equipment and goods monitoring, temperature, hygrometry, vibration detection, access control, indoor/outdoor location, smoke / fire detection.

"Smart Data" dashboards for optimal monitoring

Smart Factory, Smart Logistics & Transportation dashboards.

Busit Smart Industry is based on Busit software and Cloud solution allows for fast and efficient handling of all devices and connected services.
Busit Smart Industry allows you to easily and securely connect all the equipments in your city and / or housing, to drive the interactions from its rules engine and to make smart decisions thanks to the reporting and analysis tools.