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Busit Smart Energy

Smart Energy

Performance, economy, responsibility and energy optimization

Busit Smart Energy solution monitors and controls a large number of sources and assets in real time – including equipment, sensors, machines and IT applications – and provides the performance indicators (KPIs: key performance indicators and EPIs: energy performance indicators) in the form of web and smartphone applications necessary for energy efficiency and production monitoring of your sites.

The information collected is filtered, enriched, aggregated, correlated and then made available to operators and decision-makers.

Busit Smart Energy will thus facilitate the management of your resources (water, gas, electricity, fuel oil, etc.), production machines and manufacturing processes to guide you more intelligently in the management of your energy consumption, allowing you to improve your yields and optimize your costs.


Web and mobile applications for visualization and action

The publication for operational and decision-makers of useful information, cartography, high-level indicators, results of real-time and stream analysis of industrial and building flows.

Busit Smart Energy - solution d'efficacité énergétique

 Web and Smartphone applications for…

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Operational staff: global and site-specific supervision 

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Decision-makers: high-level management with financial indicators 

Image efficience énergétique pour l'industrie et le bâtiment


End users and external users: users, customers, partners

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A configuration and applications dedicated to the Smart energy

Consumption of fluids, electricity, gas, ambient temperature and humidity, water temperature, production machine cycle monitoring, etc.

Management of consumption and production monitoring processes

Pre-configured business process management scenarios for functional staff, enabling data processing, equipment control, and the sending of notifications, voice alerts, SMS or e-mail.

Efficience énergétique - Mesures
Busit Smart Energy - Rapport de consommation énergétique

The right tools for a successful Smart Energy project and deployment

Useful interfaces that can be exploited by operational staff, and automated deployment – a key success factor for this type of project – mean that we can move quickly from pilot to large-scale roll-out.

Use cases: discover examples of our achievements in industry, construction and urban infrastructure