All IoT Smart Health and Smart Building innovations in one solution.

Global solution

All Smart Health and Smart Building technologies combined into one solution.

Speed and efficiency

An implementation in Agile mode facilitating the digital transformation and the exchanges between the operational and the systems.

Flexibility & scalability

The Plug & Play technology simplifies adding new sensors and additional treatments.

Busit - IoT, M2M, applications, Cloud services management and interoperability


Real-time connection with caregivers and family
Busit Smart Nursing integrates the latest Smart Health innovations to monitor the health constants of residents and patients on a daily basis.
Busit Smart Nursing manages the data of connected medical objects (tensiometers, thermometers, blood glucose meters, oximeters, electrocardiograms ...) and uses personal sensors (activity, geolocation, fall detectors, pillboxes, sleep analysis ...).
With the help of Busit Smart Nursing medical assistants, residents benefit from better medical follow-up and, through the web interface, the collected data are accessible to their doctor, family or loved ones.
Busit - IoT, M2M, applications, Cloud services management and interoperability


Control of energy, access and security
Busit Smart Nursing integrates the latest innovations of the Smart Building to manage the interactivity between your buildings, your collaborators and your residents.
Busit Smart Nursing uses sensors in different locations to receive real-time information on equipment such as air conditioning, heating, safety systems, lighting control and to be able to act on everything safety and energy.
The centralization of the energy distribution bodies will make it possible to optimize the consumption, but also the safety and comfort of the residents. This means great financial and energy savings.

IoT & comfort of residents

Alert/panic, falls detection, movement monitoring (indoor/outdoor location), presence and movements, dosage, use of sanitary facilities, physical activity.

IoT & medical monitoring of residents

Blood pressure, weight, oxygen saturation, spirometry, blood glucose, temperature.

IoT & property management

Hygrometry, ambient and water temperatures, fluids, electrical, gas metering, access & identity management, smoke / fire detection, alarm management.

"Smart Data" dashboards for optimal monitoring

Comfort of the resident, medical follow-up, management of the building dashboards.

Busit Smart Nursing is based on Busit software and Cloud solution allows for fast and efficient handling of all devices and connected services.
Busit Smart Nursing allows you to easily and securely connect all the equipments in your city and / or housing, to drive the interactions from its rules engine and to make smart decisions thanks to the reporting and analysis tools.