The latest IoT innovations for Smart City and Smart Building in one solution.

Global solution

All Smart City and Smart Building technologies combined in one solution.

Speed and efficiency

An implementation in Agile mode facilitating the digital transformation and the exchanges between the operational and the systems.

Flexibility & scalability

The Plug & Play technology Busit simplifies adding new sensors and additional treatments.

Busit - IoT, M2M, applications, Cloud services management and interoperability

Smart City

A cleaner, safer and healthier environment for citizens
Busit Smart City monitors and drives a large number of sources and assets - including urban equipment, indicators, beacons and sensors - in real time from the Cloud - and provides the key performance indicators (KPIs) needed to manage the city.
Useful information is filtered, enriched and shared with community resource management systems, and made available to users.
Busit Smart City creates new synergies between the citizens and their city, enhances the data and makes it possible to respond to a larger city population management by providing a less polluted environment and increased security at a lower cost.
Busit - IoT, M2M, applications, Cloud services management and interoperability

Smart Building

Occupants comfort, spending control and carbon footprint reduction
Busit Smart Building orchestrates all the sensors and systems in your building, such as meters, heating, safety systems or lighting control.
Automation of tasks, real-time visualization of data, instant notifications in case of failure or incident, and in-depth analysis of information are also standard in the solution.
Busit Smart Building contributes to a safer and more comfortable environment for occupants of residential and commercial installations, while optimizing maintenance costs, energy consumption and resources.

Dedicated IoT control features

Smart lighting management, air and water quality, fluids, electricity, gas metering, ambient and water temperatures, hygrometry, people and resources location, noise measurement, waste management, access control, smoke and fire detection.

"Smart Data" dashboards for optimal monitoring

Smart City, Smart Building dashboards.

Interactions with your information system

Asset Management, databases, CRM and business applications.

Busit Smart City / Building is based on Busit software and Cloud solution allows for fast and efficient handling of all devices and connected services.
Busit Smart City / Building allows you to easily and securely connect all the equipments in your city and / or housing, to drive the interactions from its rules engine and to make smart decisions thanks to the reporting and analysis tools.