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Busit Smart City

Smart City

A cleaner, safer and healthier environment for citizens

Busit Smart City monitors and drives a large number of sources and assets – including urban equipment, indicators, beacons and sensors – in real time from the Cloud – and provides the key performance indicators (KPIs) needed to manage the city.

Useful information is filtered, enriched and shared with community resource management systems, and made available to users.

Busit Smart City creates new synergies between the citizens and their city, enhances the data and makes it possible to respond to a larger city population management by providing a less polluted environment and increased security at a lower cost.

Web and mobile applications for visualization and action

The publication for citizens, operational and decision-makers of useful information, cartography, operational or high-level indicators, results of real-time and stream analysis of urban flows.

Ecrans Busit Smart City - solution de supervision de la ville

Web and Smartphone applications for…

Busit Smart City - opérationnel

Operational staff: global and district supervision

Image illustrant décideurs Smart City

Decision-makers: high-level management with financial indicators

Image illustrant citoyen - Busit Smart City - solution de supervision de la ville

End and external users: users, citizens

Busit Smart City - vue globale

A configuration and applications dedicated to the Smart City

Lighting management, air quality and water, fluids, electric, gas consumptions, ambient and water temperatures, hygrometry, noise measurement, waste management, location of people and resources, physical access, smoke and fire detection, etc.

Process management for the Smart City monitoring and maintenance

Preconfigured business process management scenarios addressed to the functionals, making it possible to articulate data treatment, equipment control, notifications by voice, SMS or email.

Busit Smart City - solution de supervision de la ville
Busit Smart City - Environnement

The right tools for successful Smart City project and deployment

Ergonomic interfaces exploitable by operationals and deployment automation, one of the success keys for this type of project, can quickly move from pilot to large-scale generalization.

Use cases: discover examples of our achievements in industry, building and urban infrastructure