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Busit Smart City, Building, Industry, IoT services

Designer course: flow management and creation of business applications for operational intelligence and energy efficiency

We offer training and certifications on Busit AEP and its frameworks. Three levels of training are provided in our office, online or on site:


1. Introduction: the Busit AEP platform will be presented to you, as well as its multiple functionalities and operating modes.


2. Flow management:

  • You will be initiated to the implications of real-time processing.
  • You will learn what a data stream is, where it comes from and how to use it from the Busit AEP platform.
  • You will understand what a BusApp is and its 3 different roles.
  • You will explore Busit AEP panel designer and create your collection and processing scenarios.


3. Web and Smartphone business applications:

  • You will understand what an application is in the Busit sense, its components and its customization options.
  • You will learn how to manipulate data sets and customize widgets.
  • You will integrate end-users and apply data security and publishing rules.
  • You will create applications and dashboards from the Busit AEP panel designer.

Expertise: take advantage of all the features of our software solutions

Our experts will guide you on how best to leverage Busit AEP, Busit Smart Solutions, your processes, flows, equipment (M2M, hubs, IoT, IIoT, etc.), applications, IT resources and data in your Smart City, Smart Building and industry projects.


We will help you optimize the construction of your business solutions for operational intelligence and/or energy efficiency:


  • Connectivity with your equipment and services.
  • Orchestration of your management, maintenance and business processes.
  • Advanced analysis and mapping of your flows and data.
  • Definition of user profiles: operational, decision-makers, customers, partners, users, etc.
  • Publication of results on Web and Smartphone applications.
  • The implementation of alert and reporting systems.
Busit Smart City, Building, Industry, IoT services
Busit Smart City, Building, Industry, IoT services

Integration: your operational intelligence and/or energy efficiency project

Our teams of experts and partners take charge of your projects in agile mode, allowing you to enhance your operational data and improve the satisfaction of your employees and customers.


Our support will include the urbanization of your global business solution, the implementation of communication systems (M2M, IoT, business applications and information system resources), business processes, advanced processing, the realization of web and smartphone publishing applications, the implementation of alert and reporting systems.