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Busit Application Enablement Platform

The turnkey platform for building your operational intelligence and energy efficiency business solutions

Establish bridges between operational and IT departments with ready-to-use management applications for all of your urban and industrial systems

Busit Application Enablement Platform helps you set up a multitude of services, operational scenarios and analysis of large amounts of data.

After collection on the private network or via operators – 5G, NB-IOT, LoRaWAN, Sigfox, RFID, MODBUS, etc. for M2M and Internet of Things – Busit Application Enablement Platform processes the “last mile” of information flows, extracting all their added value and generating vertical solutions for building, urban infrastructure and industry.

These solutions integrate web and mobile applications that provide analysis information and useful steering actions to users, citizens, operators and decision-makers.

Busit AEP screens


Designed for operational, functional and technical



Visible results without the need for heavy integration



A treatment time at the scale of very large volumetrics

A rich set of services with high added value

To process applications, industrial equipment, machine to machine (M2M), Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Busit Application Enablement Platform provides standard features such as business process management, big data analytics, mapping, real-time flow processing, interoperability, Data Lake storage, or end-point encryption.

Busit AEP Services

Business Process Management

Interfaces specific to each profile

Drag & Drop and If-Then modes

Stream & advanced Analytics (Big Data)

Applications and dashboards ready to use and configurable in drag & drop

Widgets management, mapping, ground plans, reports

Interoperability with many industrial protocols, M2M and IoT: Modbus, LoRaWan, Sigfox, RFID, BLE, 3G / 4G / 5G, MQTT, etc.

Cloud, Web services and business applications connectors: ERP, CRM, asset management, calendars, etc.

Accessibility to IT resources: messaging, databases, telephony, diaries, etc.

Encryption of flows, transactions, data

Identity management and access for people, equipment

Single Sign On

Accessibility to all Busit AEP services in REST API

Modular and scalable architecture, in Cloud and on Premise

Built-in modeling, automatic deployment, dashboard, scenarios import and export

Fully customizable interfaces

SDK for fast design of BusApps (Busit Applications), connectors and data processing applications

Multiple development languages for adding BusApps: Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python

Proof of concept ? Pilot site? Deployment ?

Agility giving concrete results 3 times faster

Collection and control

Aggregate large amounts of data from your urban or industrial services


Produce in real time your Smart Data, analysis, performance and prevention indicators

Process management

Integrate your internal, industrial or maintenance rules


Publish your results for users, operational and decision-makers

Control your infrastructure from the solutions you have generated

The solutions built with Busit AEP benefit from all the services of the platform

Busit AEP Networks

With solutions made from Busit AEP, you will be able to:

  • Orchestrate your applications, urban and industrial equipment, with existing connectivity with most application protocols, M2M and IoT.
  • Provide intelligent views of useful information from services provided by the city, building or factory.
  • Exchange with your information system and your users.

A robust and scalable base

An evolution without service interruption through a fully modular and scalable architecture

Busit AEP scalability

Busit AEP offers the ability to progressively support a very large volume of equipment, applications and flows. The implementation can thus begin on pilot sites, the latter being enriched in agile mode of new features and materials. The solution will be deployed in a second time in mass with the ability to provide levels of operators service offers.

In what environment do you wish to start?
Are you in an isolated site, in a private / public cloud, or considering full support for services? Busit AEP adapts to your needs with an ease of deployment and evolution already proven.
Busit environments