The Plug & Play solution for IoT services

Busit® allows for fast and efficient handling of all your connected things, devices and services, regardless of the brand, manufacturer or communication protocol.
With Busit, you can easily and securely connect all these equipments and applications, control the interactions thanks to its ruling engine and take your decisions using reporting and mapping tools.
Busit helps you to quickly setup a multitude of services, operational scenarios and analysis of large amounts of information.

Orchestration of the IoT, exchanges with IT and Smart Data

The modular and scalable architecture of Busit, whether the solution is installed on the Cloud or on Premise, gives the ability to handle a large volume of devices and messages.
The automation scenario you have defined graphically takes over and then routes them to the applications and resources of your information system.
Information is contextualized, transformed into Smart Data and/or used for trend analysis.

Services and features

Busit services include a complete set of features such as interoperability with a high level of security, data processing, business rules management, analytics or cartography.


Real-time process management, profile-specific interfaces, drag & drop and If-Then modes.


Widgets, ready-to-use dashboards, maps, mass plans, reports, integration of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence partner solutions.


Interoperability with many IoT protocols (LoRa, Sigfox, RFID, BLE, XG, etc.), Cloud and Web services, applications and business resources, MQTT support.


Encryption of all transactions and information, management of personal and objects identities..


Accessibility of all services in REST API, modular and scalable architecture, Cloud and on Premise solution.


Fully customizable interfaces, SDK for the fast design of BusApps, multiple development languages.


BusApps are building-block applications hosted in the Busit platform. They process, transform and optimize the information conveyed in these messages according to business needs, with flows monitoring from end to end and an analytical presentation of the results.
More than 150 BusApps are available and operational today. They are specific to the most popular devices - RFID, LoRa, Sigfox, 3G/4G/5G sensors of temperature, humidity, movement, access control, cameras, boxes, Modbus controllers, etc. - to the most widely used services and technologies, to processing and calculation - from simple data filter to Big Data or artificial intelligence - and to vertical markets - Busit Smart Solutions - to build complete solutions addressed to each sector.
The BusApps also provide interfacing with dedicated ressources to Cloud, specific applications (from Busit SDK), storage, archiving, CRM, ERP, media or social networks.