Without a doubt, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M), by stimulating innovation in almost every aspect of our daily life, are the technologies that leverage economic and social progress, both for professionals as individuals. Driven by a very large number of players, devices, connected things, services and associated protocols are rapidly increasing.

How to overcome the complexity logically induced by the heterogeneity of these devices? How to take advantage of new opportunities in this market but also such information flow? How to control the return on investment, cost and scalability?

In this context, interoperability, orchestration and analysis have become critical services to simplify connection management, integration of IoT applications and speed up their deployment. In order to provide real value to all of these connected products, Busit technology addresses this issue by natively integrating these three services: connectivity, management and analysis.

Connect. Manage. Decide.

Busit is the software and Cloud solution that enables you to handle all your connected things, devices and services, regardless of the equipment manufacturer or communication protocol. Fast and Centralized.
With Busit, you can easily and securely connect all these equipments and applications, control the interactions thanks to its ruling engine and take your decisions using reporting and mapping tools.
Busit helps you to quickly setup a multitude of services, operational scenarios and analysis of large amounts of information.

The Busit modular and scalable architecture, whether the solution is installed on the cloud or on a local server, actually gives the ability to handle a large volume of devices and messages.
These can attend several protocols. The platform supports and converts them to a pivot format supported by the MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport) industry standard.
Busit rules engine, depending on the automation scenario you defined graphically, routes them to the BusApps.


BusApps - the applications hosted in the Busit platform - process, transform and optimize the information conveyed in these messages according to business needs, with flows monitoring from end to end and an analytical presentation of the results.
More than 140 BusApps are available and operational today. They are specific to the most popular devices, services and technologies and in order to build complete vertical solutions and address to each market.
The BusApps also provide interfacing with dedicated modules including the storage, archiving, CRM, ERP, or social media networks.

Extended features

Busit services include a complete set of features such as interoperability with a high level of security, data processing, business rules management, analytics or cartography.

Connectivity & Routing

  • Interconnection of heterogeneous systems : devices, cloud services, web applications and business resources
  • Filtering, processing and data treatment
  • Interactions based on messaging
  • Management of messages enrichment
  • Message routing management
  • Messaging protocol based on MQTT standard
  • Traceability of flows and data

Management and scenario setup

  • Workflows routing
  • Business rules management
  • Events management
  • Triggers activation on event, action, etc.
  • Action planning
  • Alerts management
  • Parallel execution of a large volume of scenarios
  • Real-time monitoring of the execution of actions
  • Processes life cycle management
  • Actions traceability

Analytics & cartography

  • Collection, integration and dissemination of information
  • Analysis
  • Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Statistics
  • Geolocation
  • Microlocalization
  • Geofencing
  • Event Settings on entry / exit zone
  • Display of the position of tracked elements
  • Customizable cartographic backgrounds


  • Encryption of transactions and flows
  • Strong authentication
  • Identity management
  • Profile management
  • Users, groups and organizations management
  • Allocation of a unique identity to each device and service
  • Access control
  • User rights management
  • Traceability of transactions

Design & Integration

  • Interfaces adjusted to the user profile
  • Standard and custom interfaces
  • Assistance to design: wizards, drag & drop
  • PHP and Java development kit
  • Integration with third party systems based on REST API or MQTT
  • Modular and scalable architecture for local server and Cloud

Open and scalable

Busit platform, available from any browser, smartphone or third party application is open thanks to its access Web and message oriented interfaces - REST API and MQTT applicative messaging - for easy integration to the system of information.
Busit also offers the opportunity to enhance these functions by quickly creating new rules and process management via its user interfaces new BusApps thanks to Busit Java SDK.