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Industry & construction

Efficiency, sustainability and cost control

Energy efficiency – worksite supervision – industrial performance


From operational management to project monitoring, we support you throughout the industrial and construction cycle.


Our business solutions effectively integrate your processes, providing greater visibility, optimizing resources and improving performance.

Efficience énergétique et supervision de chantier - Energy efficiency and worsite supervision

Energy efficiency

Performance, economy, responsibility and energy optimization

Busit Smart Energy is an operational and energy efficiency solution designed to meet the specific energy efficiency and resource management needs of industry. Based on the Busit AEP platform, this solution offers advanced monitoring, optimization and analysis functionalities for optimal energy management.


Thanks to its customization, powerful automation and advanced analytics, you’ll uncover new opportunities to improve your operational performance while effectively managing your energy consumption.


With Busit Smart Energy, you can simplify the management of your resources (water, gas, electricity, fuel oil, etc.), control your production machines and optimize your manufacturing processes. The result? More informed energy management, enhanced environmental performance, improved yields and controlled costs.

Worksite supervision

Worksite supervision solution

The Busit Smart Worksite solution monitors and controls a large number of sources and assets in real time – including equipment, sensors, machines and IT applications – and provides the performance indicators (KPIs: key performance indicators and EPIs: energy performance indicators) in the form of Web and Smartphone applications needed to monitor your worksites.


The information gathered is filtered, enriched, aggregated and correlated, then made available to operators and decision-makers.


In this way, Busit Smart Worksite facilitates global and site-by-site supervision of work, consumption and environmental impact, to help you improve yields and optimize costs.

Industrial performance

Energy efficiency, sustainability and production cost control

With Busit Smart Industry, you can control all variables (temperature, humidity, consumption, asset location, etc.) to optimize the use of your resources, equipment and industrial processes.


The vast amount of information collected from sensors is transformed into Smart Data, shared in real time with your information system, and its analysis enables you to progressively adjust the production cycle.


Busit Smart Industry, based on knowledge management for equipment control, is a vector for improving performance and energy efficiency, bringing products to market faster, and reducing production and maintenance costs.

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