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Energy & resources

Performance, economy, responsibility, optimization of energy and resources

Discover our energy and water management solutions, specially designed for the industrial, building and infrastructure sectors.


Our turnkey software solutions enable you to optimize the energy performance of your facilities while effectively monitoring your water consumption.

With a pragmatic approach and customizable applications, we help you to manage your resources efficiently and responsibly.

Energie & ressources - Efficience énergétique - Gestion de l'eau

Energy efficiency

Performance, economy, responsibility and energy optimization

Busit Smart Energy solution monitors and controls a large number of sources and assets in real time – including equipment, sensors, machines and IT applications – and provides the performance indicators (KPIs: key performance indicators and EPIs: energy performance indicators) in the form of Web and Smartphone applications needed for energy efficiency and production monitoring at your sites.

Water management

Water monitoring solution

With Busit Smart Watering, opt for a complete solution for monitoring your water consumption and equipment (tank water levels, leak detection, pipe condition, etc.), improving your yields and reducing your costs.

The information gathered is filtered, enriched, aggregated and correlated, then made available to operators and decision-makers.

Busit Smart Watering enables operators, decision-makers, users and subcontractors to optimize water consumption in buildings, infrastructures and industrial sites.

Use cases: discover examples of our achievements in industry, building and urban infrastructure