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Occupants comfort, spending control and carbon footprint reduction

By placing energy efficiency and sustainability at the heart of our approach, we help building professionals create safer, more comfortable environments for occupants of residential and commercial facilities, while optimizing maintenance costs, energy use and resources.

Solutions de supervision de bâtiments

Supervision of commercial spaces

The connected customer experience

Faced with the rise of e-commerce, shopping centers are now faced with a number of challenges: continuing to attract customers, meeting their new expectations and offering them a unique, personalized experience.

Busit Smart Mall, the product of our operational collaboration with JLC Consulting, is a sustainable solution that integrates optimization of the customer journey, enhanced safety, comfort and maintenance, and technical management of the entire shopping area.

Busit Smart Mall helps you manage your buildings more efficiently, identify areas for improvement and interact with your customers in real time.

Energy efficiency

Performance, economy, responsibility and energy optimization

Busit Smart Energy is an operational and energy intelligence solution designed to meet the specific energy efficiency needs of buildings. Based on the Busit AEP platform, this solution offers advanced monitoring, optimization and analysis functionalities for optimal building energy management.

Thanks to its customization, high-performance automation and advanced analyses, you can improve the energy efficiency of your buildings, reduce your energy costs, help protect the environment and provide greater comfort for occupants.

With Busit Smart Energy, you can simplify the management of your resources (electricity, heating, air conditioning, etc.), control your energy management systems and optimize the performance of your buildings. The result? More informed energy management, enhanced environmental performance, better cost control, and more efficient, sustainable buildings.

Smart building

Occupants comfort, spending control and carbon footprint reduction

Busit Smart Building orchestrates all the sensors and systems in your building, such as meters, heating, safety systems or lighting control.

Automation of tasks, real-time visualization of data, instant notifications in case of failure or incident, and in-depth analysis of information are also standard in the solution.

Busit Smart Building contributes to a safer and more comfortable environment for occupants of residential and commercial installations, while optimizing maintenance costs, energy consumption and resources.

Smart watering

Water monitoring solution

With Busit Smart Watering, opt for a complete solution for monitoring your water consumption and equipment (tank water levels, leak detection, pipe condition, etc.), improving your yields and reducing your costs.

The information gathered is filtered, enriched, aggregated and correlated, then made available to operators and decision-makers.

Busit Smart Watering enables operational staff, decision-makers, users and contractors to optimize water consumption in buildings, infrastructures and industrial sites.

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