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Busit SAS is a French software company specializing in operational intelligence and energy efficiency for the energy, building, infrastructure and industrial process sectors.
Busit SAS produces business-oriented software solutions integrating the latest Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and stream analysis technologies to make the most of information from existing equipment, sensors and instruments, business applications and IT resources.
Busit SAS software solutions aggregate large quantities of data from urban and industrial services, integrate business processes and produce the appropriate analysis, performance and prevention indicators. The pooling of resources and this new capacity for anticipation thus provide companies and collectivities with greater competitiveness and a new range of innovative services.
Several achievements, including the most significant for the building, city, industry and energy sectors, have made it possible to realize:
o Numerous features resulting from business feedback, such as highly intuitive interfaces for managing processes (industrial, maintenance, etc.) or building applications, EPC calculations (essential for the ISO 50001 standard), automation tools to give autonomy to operational staff during their deployments.
o Busit Smart Solutions, pre-wired business models, responding either to a vertical domain, such as Busit Smart City or Smart Energy, or to a specific use case, such as Busit Smart Meetings (meeting room management) or Smart Storm detection.
The Busit SAS software offer is composed of:
o Busit Smart Solutions: ready-to-use solutions dedicated to the management of Smart City, Smart Building and Industry 4.0.
o Busit Application Enablement Platform (AEP): a software solution that processes the ``last mile`` of information flows and extracts all the added value from them. The Busit AEP platform enables the generation of highly flexible vertical solutions to federate and control equipment (sensors, actuators, industrial equipment, etc.), services (applications, databases, media, etc.), manage their interactions, and provide analytical and cartographic applications to operational decision-makers and end-users.
The company thus offers management solutions for industry and construction that meet the expectations of technological innovation, operational demands and return on investment of the business. It builds in the same spirit the whole ecosystem (equipment manufacturers, operators, services) to offer a global response to functional needs.

Our mission

Meet business needs first

Digital, energy and environmental transitions, industrial process management, highly intuitive interfaces, specific applications, deployment tools, and appropriate performance indicators.

Innovate usefully

From Big Data analytics for on-the-fly processing of large amounts of data, Artificial Intelligence for predictive maintenance or anomaly detection, management of IoT and M2M flows and equipment, while freeing the business from the underlying technological complexity.

Provide pragmatic solutions

Advanced ergonomics, applications dedicated to verticals, procedures to optimize deployment times.

Accelerate digital transformation

Using ready-to-use solutions that are open, easy and quick to deploy, from pilot to global project.

Integrate existing and people

Equipment, services, business applications, but also operational services, IT, users, decision-makers, business projects based on organizational changes, the support of all players and change management.

Establish bridges naturally

Between operational and IT departments.

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