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Busit® SAS is a software company providing ready-to-use solutions for controlling equipment and services for more efficient governance and energy management of industry, buildings and urban infrastructures. Busit SAS solutions aggregate large amounts of data from urban and industrial services, integrate business processes and produce the right analysis, performance and prevention indicators. The pooling of resources and this new ability to anticipate provide businesses and communities with better competitiveness and an unprecedented offer of innovative services.
Busit SAS offer consists of:
- Busit Application Enablement Platform (AEP): after their transport, Busit Application Enablement Platform processes the ``last mile`` of information flows and extracts all their added value. Busit AEP platform generates, with great flexibility, vertical solutions - Busit Smart and customer specific Solutions - to federate and control equipment (sensors, actuators, industrial equipment, etc.), services (applications, databases, media, etc.), manage interactions, and provide analytical and cartographic tools for decision support.
- Busit Smart Solutions: ready-to-use solutions dedicated to driving the Smart City, the Smart Building and Industry 4.0.

Our mission

Meet business needs first

Digital and energy transitions, management of industrial processes, operational and decision-making performance indicators.

Innovate usefully

With M2M, IoT, Cloud, Big Data, Preventive Maintenance, Stream and Deep Analysis, while freeing you from technological complexity.

Provide pragmatic solutions

Advanced ergonomics, applications dedicated to verticals, procedures to optimize deployment times.

Accelerate digital transformation

From ready-made and open solutions.

Integrate existing

Equipment, services and business applications.

Establish bridges naturally

Between operational and computer services.

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