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Build your Smart City, Smart Building, Industry 4.0 Solutions

The innovative business software solutions, ready to use, for operational efficiency


A more effective governance

Easy management of infrastructures, environmental impacts based on reliable decision support features


Rapidity and agility

Latest innovations with advanced ergonomics to free you from any technological complexity


Profitability and cost control

Energy efficiency, reduction of carbon footprint, simplification of interventions and deployments

Busit Application Enablement Platform

Generate your vertical solutions with great flexibility

  • Federate and control your equipment, services, whether they are PLCs, Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, M2M, business applications, ERP, CRM, messaging services or databases.
  • Safely apply your business processes, automatically create notifications and interactions between all your resources and users.
  • Analyze in real time and retro-active your flows and data and make them available to your operationals, decision makers, employees.
Discover Busit AEP
Busit AEP billboard for Smart City, Building, Industry, IoT, IIoT

Because digital transformation does not wait

Successful and fast results from extremely agile achievements

Collection and control

Aggregate large amounts of data from your urban or industrial services


Produce in real time your Smart Data, analysis, performance and prevention indicators

Process management

Integrate your internal, industrial or maintenance rules


Publish your results for users, operational and decision-makers

Busit AEP processes the “last mile” of your information feeds and extracts all its added value

Busit Smart Solutions

The ready to use business solutions dedicated to driving Smart City, Smart Building and Industry 4.0

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Big Data, M2M, IoT, deep analysis for communities, building and industry: an excerpt from our achievements