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Your operational and energy efficiency software solutions for industry, building and urban infrastructure 

Business solutions

Solution logicielle efficace - Des résultats visibles sans besoin d'intégration lourde

A more effective governance

Easy management of your infrastructures, buildings and industrial sites using reliable decision support features

Solution logicielle puissante - Un temps de traitement à l'échelle de volumétries très conséquentes

Rapidity and agility

The latest innovations, advanced ergonomics, agile integration for concrete and fast results

Solutions logicielles d'efficacité énergétique et opérationnelle

Profitability and cost control

Energy efficiency, carbon footprint reduction, consumption prediction

Our business solutions

Our Busit AEP (Application Enablement Platform) software platform enables you to create turnkey business solutions for managing industrial sites, buildings and urban infrastructures. Starting from the same or equivalent use case, you get visible results without the need for heavy integration.


Busit AEP‘s Plug & Play technology simplifies the addition, modification or replacement of equipment, sensors, services, data flow processing and publication.

Busit Application Enablement Platform, all-in-one software platform

Busit Application Enablement Platform is a software solution designed to meet the cross-functional needs of the industrial, construction and urban infrastructure sectors.

It enables the implementation and hosting of multiple use cases, such as :


  • Energy efficiency
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Resource management
  • Environmental and personal protection
  • Space and comfort optimization
  • Service monitoring
  • Safety and security
  • Space optimization
  • Mobility


With Busit, you can create tailor-made solutions to meet your operational and energy efficiency needs. From data collection to advanced analysis and Artificial Intelligence, we can help you optimize your resources to the maximum.

Discover Busit AEP
Busit AEP - solution logicielle d'efficacité opérationnelle et énergétique

Successful and fast results from extremely agile achievements


Aggregate large amounts of data from your urban or industrial services and equipment


Produce real-time analysis, performance monitoring and predictions

Process management

Integrate your internal, industrial and maintenance management rules


Publish your results for users, operational and decision-makers

Process your information flows in real time, optimize your operations and resources

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Clusters and programs


Our partnerships with competitive clusters and strategic programs enrich our expertise and strengthen our position as a software solutions provider for industry, construction and urban infrastructure.

Use cases: discover examples of our achievements in industry, construction and urban infrastructure.