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Your innovative, ready-to-use software solutions for operational intelligence and energy efficiency

Build your control solutions for industry, building and urban infrastructures


A more effective governance

Easy management of your infrastructures, buildings and industrial sites using reliable decision support features


Rapidity and agility

The latest innovations, advanced ergonomics, agile integration for concrete and fast results


Profitability and cost control

Energy efficiency, carbon footprint reduction, consumption prediction

Get the most from your data for your use cases

Energy efficiency

Resource management

Preservation of the environment

Space optimization

Control and services

Control and maintenance

Follow-up of interventions




Busit Application Enablement Platform

Generate your vertical solutions with great flexibility


Connect and control your equipment and services, whether they are automats, IoT (Internet of Things) sensors, M2M, business applications, ERP, CRM, messaging services or databases.


Securely enforce your business processes, automatically create alerts, reports and interactions between all your resources and users.


Analyze in real time and retroactively your flows and data and make them available to your operational staff, decision-makers, and collaborators in the applications.

Discover Busit AEP
Busit Smart Energy

Successful and fast results from extremely agile achievements


Aggregate large amounts of data from your urban or industrial services and equipment


Produce real-time analysis, performance monitoring and predictions

Process management

Integrate your internal, industrial and maintenance management rules


Publish your results for users, operational and decision-makers


Integrated equipment


Processing and analysis


Graphic widgets

Busit AEP processes all your information flows in real time and provides you with all their added value

Busit Smart Solutions

The ready-to-use business solutions dedicated to the operation of your buildings, infrastructures and industrial sites


Busit Smart Solutions are generated business solution models, hosted in Busit Application Enablement Platform (Busit AEP) and pre-wired for Smart City, Smart Building, Industry 4.0 and energy efficiency control. They enable visible results to be achieved without the need for heavy integration, starting with the same or equivalent use case. Busit AEP’s Plug & Play technology simplifies the addition, modification or replacement of existing sensors, simulators and processing.

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Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, stream analysis, IoT, M2M for communities, building and industry: an extract of our achievements