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Busit SAS and IBA-Apps announce strategic partnership to increase presence in the Middle East

Busit SAS and IBA-Apps announce strategic partnership to increase presence in the Middle East

United Arab Emirates, Dubai – France, Nice, March 23, 2021 – IBA-Apps, an IT and Telecom solution integrator dedicated to large groups and local authorities, and Busit SAS, a publisher of next-gen IoT, Big Data and analytical solutions dedicated to governance and energy management, are pleased to announce their partnership in order to provide a global offer to meet the challenges of Industry 4.0, Smart City and Smart Building in the Middle East.


As innovation plays an increasingly crucial role in energy efficiency, companies and institutions have moved to accelerate the development of their digital solutions. IBA-Apps-Busit SAS partnership brings together strong expertise in development strategy, product ideation and agile deployment of intelligent solutions to help their customers succeed in their transformations.


With a strong presence in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, IBA-Apps has deployed turnkey IT and telecom solutions in large groups and governmental institutions, which has participated in the country’s visions and improved the intelligence required for efficient and advanced business achievement and digital transformation.


« I am delighted to officially sign this agreement with Busit SAS, whose comprehensive, successful and ergonomic software offer will enable IBA-Apps to accelerate the digital transformation of its customers in our region.

With a strong growth, IBA-Apps’ ambition is to become a reference player in the Internet of Things and to particularly address the theme of energy efficiency. » said Alaa Masoud, General Manager of IBA-Apps.


Since its creation in 2016, Busit SAS has multiplied its successful references in France and abroad. Busit’ software for managing IoT services and equipment meet the expectations of technological innovation as well as the demands for operational and energy efficiency in the industrial and building sectors.


It is quite naturally that Busit SAS has been working closely and collaboratively since 2019 with IBA-Apps to further satisfy the digital and energy transition needs of its customers in Kuwait, the Emirates and Saudi Arabia.


« Really pleased to formalize this partnership with our friends at IBA-Apps! Through our first collaborations, IBA-Apps has demonstrated its ability to become a leading player in the Middle East in the areas we address together.

The experience and professional services offered by IBA-Apps, which are highly complementary to our business, perfectly meet the needs of our common customers, particularly in energy efficiency, for which the demand is strong. » comments Wassel Guerbaa, CEO of Busit SAS.


Together, IBA-Apps and Busit SAS will be able to offer their Middle East customers complete end-to-end solutions. This will significantly improve the quality of delivery and reduce lead times with a real and measurable return on investment for a successful digital transformation.


About IBA-Apps


IBA-Apps specializes in advanced communication for the purpose of Public Safety, National Security, and Corporate Internal Communication. We focus on multiple communication channels; such as one-to-one, & one-to-many.


Our solutions and expertise are related Mass Notification, Incident Management, & Call Dispatching. The applications of these solutions are very wide, such as country-wide cell broadcast, manage & reporting emergency processes, dispatching calls and emergency cases, hospital codes, and much more.


About Busit SAS


Busit® SAS is a software company providing ready-to-use solutions for controlling equipment and services for more efficient governance and energy management of industry, buildings, and urban infrastructures.


Busit SAS solutions aggregate large amounts of data from urban and industrial services, integrate business processes and produce the right analysis, performance and prevention indicators. The pooling of resources and this new ability to anticipate provide businesses and communities with better competitiveness and an unprecedented offer of innovative services.


Busit solutions are adopted by leaders in industry, construction, and local authorities, with significant references in Europe and internationally.