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Announcing Busit Application Enablement Platform 3.0 Release – The Next-Generation Platform to build Smart City, Smart Building and Industry 4.0 solutions

Announcing Busit Application Enablement Platform 3.0 Release – The Next-Generation Platform to build Smart City, Smart Building and Industry 4.0 solutions

France, Nice, March 8, 2021 – Today, Busit SAS released its next-generation, enterprise-class Busit Application Enablement Platform Version 3.0, with a wide range of improvements providing excellent performance, enhanced security, and improved interfaces for even more agile business solutions building.


The three biggest features we introduce are:


Improved performance and scalability


Brokers for real-time information harvesting, aggregation and processing have been completely re-architected to provide optimal response times, resulting in an immediate 3x performance increase.


Busit Application Enablement Platform will thus make it possible to absorb an even greater volume of flows and improve its scalability with lower system (Cloud or On Premise) resource requirements.


Security and Identity Management


From a security point of view, confidentiality and data segregation are imperative. Identity and access management is now reinforced with even finer access rights.


A role assignment to each actor using the business solutions (supervisor, user, operational, decision-maker) has also been added to manipulate and visualize information (from Web and Smartphone applications) without data leakage.


Designer and end-user applications: new Web UI and functionalities


The Business Solution Designer application has been reorganized to provide more intuitiveness for a more natural construction of complete business solutions. The application has also been enriched with new features such as monitoring, exploring or bulk loading series for their cleaning and modeling.


Busit Application Enablement Platform features a rich library of widgets and embedded micro-applications (BusApps, for harvesting and processing information flows). In addition to more than 220 BusApps, users can take advantage of a library of new widgets (statistics, tables, forms, maps) for building Smartphone and Web applications in no-code mode for end users.




Version 3 of Busit Application Enablement Platform is available as of this announcement and currently being rolled out to a third of Busit SAS customers as part of their subscription agreement. Products can also be procured through the usual Busit SAS representatives and partners.


About Busit SAS


Busit® SAS is a software company providing ready-to-use solutions for controlling equipment and services for more efficient governance and energy management of industry, buildings, and urban infrastructures.


Busit SAS solutions aggregate large amounts of data from urban and industrial services, integrate business processes and produce the right analysis, performance and prevention indicators. The pooling of resources and this new ability to anticipate provide businesses and communities with better competitiveness and an unprecedented offer of innovative services.


Busit solutions are adopted by leaders in industry, construction, and local authorities, with significant references in Europe and internationally.